Consulting Services

Project Management

Manage multi-faceted policy projects that could include such activities as research and analysis, producing publications, organizing roundtables or other events, engaging coalitions, outreach to policymakers, and/or coordinating team efforts.

Policy Research and Analysis

  • Design, develop, and implement research plans
  • Develop policy recommendations for all levels of government
  • Author or co-author reports and other publications 


  • Nature of poverty (including intersections with race and gender)
  • Overviews of poverty and civil rights policies (historical evolution and current status of federal laws)
  • Legal rights, protections, and benefits tied to federal anti-poverty laws
  • Legal responsibilities for government agencies implementing federal anti-poverty and civil rights laws

Policy-Oriented Events

  • Develop content for panel discussions, convenings, and roundtables
  • Handle logistics

Fundraising Support

  • Refine and/or develop project ideas
  • Draft grant proposals and reports